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Step 1: Initial Consultation

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A Terra Building Group Specialist will schedule an appointment with you to discuss budget and design.  Together you can determine if you want to build a custom home or choose an existing home style and floor plan that fits your lifestyle and needs.

If you do not currently own a lot to build on, Terra Building Group has land available for sale or can assist you in finding one that is suitable for you.

Step 2: Estimate of Costs

Your Terra Building Specialist will provide you with a detailed cost breakdown of your new home, which will include all of your options. The estimate of costs will be provided before you purchase, so there are no surprises down the road.

Step 3: Sales Agreement

Once the scope of work and finalized home cost has been determined, the next step in the building process is the sales agreement and refundable deposit. The sales agreement will list the associated costs of your new home, which will then be used by lenders to determine an approval amount for a construction loan and mortgage. The sales agreement sets the construction process in motion.  First, the agreement is sent to the lender to start the mortgage process. Second, the complete home price is locked in for sixty days. Third, the drawings for permitting and lender use are drafted.

Step 4: Finance Consultation

The best approach to financing a new home is to procure a loan pre-approval from a mortgage lender before visiting Terra.  This ensures a fixed budget amount that you have to work with in determining the design and size of your new home.  If you are pre-approved the sales agreement will be forwarded to your lender.  If not, Terra Building Group has an extensive list of lending partners, or you may choose your own.

Step 5: Lot Exam

Once financing is finalized, a Terra Site Specialist will meet with you at the building site to conduct a lot examination. Site parameters will be discussed that involve: placement of the building footprint, site utilities, driveway, lead walk, retaining walls, landscaping, decks, and garages. Other considerations will be discussed such as how much of the site will be disturbed and how many trees will need removed.

Step 6: Choosing Colors/Order Confirmation

After the lot exam, your Terra building specialist will meet with you to determine your final option choices, product selections, and color schemes. At this stage of the process, you will finalize the customizing of your home from a site, exterior, and interior perspective. The final order confirmation will be signed at this time and construction is almost ready to begin.

Step 7: Construction Drawings

After the final order confirmation has been completed the construction drawings will be completed for your entire project. At this stage in the process, a LEED architect will review the entire process and a LEED certification level will be determined.

Step 8: Loan Closing

At this stage of the building process, the mortgage lender will select a closing date for your loan. At the loan closing, a predetermined disbursement will be paid to Terra. This disbursement is used to pay for the building permits, utility tap fees, and any other required construction items. The precast basement walls will also be paid for at this time so that the walls may be manufactured.

Step 9: Basement Construction

Once the building permit is issued, construction will begin on your new home. Erosion and sediment control devices will be installed, clearing and grubbing will commence, excavation will begin for the basement and site utilities, footing preparation will take place, foundation and underground utilities will be installed and inspected, the precast foundation walls will be installed, the steel support beams and sill plate will be completed, and the basement slab will be poured. The first third-party inspections will be completed at this time, and the second disbursement will be given to Terra.

Step 10: House Construction

While the sitework and basement construction are taking place on your lot, your 100% LEED certified home is being constructed and third-party inspected to your exact specifications. The construction timetable from date of loan closing to this stage ranges from 4-8 weeks depending on the size and scope of your new home. Once both sitework and home construction are completed, your home will be installed and finished on your lot. The third and largest disbursement is paid to Terra at this stage of completion.

Step 11: Final Construction

At this point in the construction process, your foundation is backfilled, the HVAC system, plumbing, and electrical is completed, and finish grading, site concrete, and landscaping are installed. The final third-party inspections are completed and an occupancy permit is issued. At this time, Terra will conduct a thorough punch-list evaluation with you. After the completion of the punch-list and final payment to Terra, the keys to your new home will be delivered. The final submission for LEED certification will also be completed and submitted if desired.